About USA Display


USA Display Case Company

Offering thousands of display cases for any product or collectible, USA Display is a leading, American based display case manufacturer that distributes direct to consumers and businesses alike. We offer a wide variety of display cases purposed for anything from comic books to musical instruments. USA Display also offers exclusive items such as specialty case inserts and name plates to allow for truly perfect fit, personalized cases for our customers.

Additionally, USA Display Case Company is partnered with some of the best display case manufacturers in the industry in order to provide high quality, professional level display cases at affordable prices. Most of our cases are made of solid wood, not particle board or other cheap materials. We also offer a variety of high quality plastic, glass, acrylic and Lucite displays for variable display purposes.

Custom cases are another specialty of USA Display. Built specifically to our customers requests, our Custom Display Case creator has been called The Best Way to Build Custom Cases! When designing a custom case through USA Display, you can set dimensions, display case material, backing material, base material and more, using a simple, easy to use interface that can configure any kind of case instantly.

USA Display is passionate about display cases and is happy to be able to offer our customers unique and specialized display cases that you won’t find anywhere else! We are constantly updating our inventory and selection of cases, so be sure to visit USA Display often, for all of your case needs. To stay up to date with USA Display, visit our blog or follow us on your favorite social networks. Thank you for choosing USA Display!